vWF Multimers (cp) (Citrated plasma, frozen (cp))

Specimens: 1 ml Citrated plasma, frozen (cp)

Please always send a separate specimen for this test.

To avoid clotting please mix test tube carefully several times directly after collection of blood. Centrifugation process should be started after about 60 minutes. Please centrifuge sample at least for 15 minutes (1500 x g). Plasma / supernatant should be transferred by pipette to a collection tube without any buffer or other substances. Please label as citrated plasma. Freeze and send frozen.


Please note that this profile is a send-out test performed mainly for gel electrophoresis to assess von Willebrand multimer patterns. Von Willebrand activity and antigen values will be reported as well. vWF:Ac/vWF:Ag ratio will be noted only if pathologic.

Method: SDS gel electrophoresis
Set-up: on demand
Duration: 14 days
  • Diagnostic assessment of unclear bleeding tendency: tendency to nosebleed (epistaxis) and mucosal bleeding, e.g. bleeding after dental extraction or menorrhagias, are typical. Reference in the family anamnesis is important

  • Common global tests such as Quick value, PTT or thrombin time are frequently normal.

  • Diagnostic assessment of haemophilia and thrombocytopathy

  • Therapy monitoring
Further tests:

Molecular genetic analyses

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Abrechnung GOÄ

Die Kosten werden für den i. d. R. genutzten 1,15-fachen GOÄ-Satz dargestellt. Wird die Unter­suchung nicht in Ihrem regionalen Labor durch­geführt, erfolgt die Analyse in dem Labor, das im Leistungs­ver­zeich­nis genannt ist. In diesem Fall gilt der dort für die Untersuchung angegebene Preis.