vWF: Ac (von Willebrand Factor activity) (Citrated plasma, frozen (cp))

Specimens: 1 ml Citrated plasma, frozen (cp)

To avoid clotting please mix test tube carefully several times directly after collection of blood. Please centrifuge sample immediately, at least for 15 minutes (1500 x g). Plasma / supernatant should be transferred by pipette to a collection tube without any buffer or other substances. Please label as citrated plasma. Freeze and send frozen.

If additional coagulation tests are ordered (e.g. factor II - XIII), at least one extra tube of frozen citrated plasma is needed.

Method: Turbidimetry
Dimension: %
Set-up: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Duration: 3 days
  • Diagnostic assessment of unclear bleeding tendency: tendency to nosebleed (epistaxis) and mucosal bleeding, e.g. bleeding after dental extraction or menorrhagias, are typical. Reference in the family anamnesis is important.

  • Common global tests such as Quick value, PTT or thrombin time are frequently normal.

  • Diagnostic assessment of haemophilia and thrombocytopathy

  • Therapy monitoring
Further tests:

Multimeric analysis, molecular genetic analyses

Reference range / valuation (openclose)

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Abrechnung GOÄ

Die Kosten werden für den i. d. R. genutzten 1,15-fachen GOÄ-Satz dargestellt. Wird die Unter­suchung nicht in Ihrem regionalen Labor durch­geführt, erfolgt die Analyse in dem Labor, das im Leistungs­ver­zeich­nis genannt ist. In diesem Fall gilt der dort für die Untersuchung angegebene Preis.