Vanillylmandelic acid (u) (Urine (u))

Specimens: 10 ml Urine (u)
Info: Please note that testing ordered for homovanillyl acid and vanillinmandelic acid can only be performed if there is no additional order for katecholamines or metanephrines under this order number.

Acidify 10 ml spot urine with 4-5 drops of approximately 10-20 % hydrochloric acid and mix. Medication interfering with the sympathetic nervous system or the metabolism of catecholamines should be terminated approximately 1 week before testing - but only when appropriate by the clinical condition of the patient. Avoid stimulating drinks and food, like coffee, tea, nuts and tropical fruits approximately 1-3 days before testing.

Method: Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectr
Dimension: mg/l
Alternate dimension: µmol/l (Factor: 5.0499)  Calculator
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Duration: 4 days

Drug refractory hypertonia, suspected diagnosis catecholamine-producing tumor, e.g. pheochromocytoma, neuroblastoma

Further tests:

metanephrines in plasma or urine

sample referred to a partner lab

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Calculator for Vanillylmandelic acid (u)

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Abrechnung GOÄ

Die Kosten werden für den i. d. R. genutzten 1,15-fachen GOÄ-Satz dargestellt. Wird die Unter­suchung nicht in Ihrem regionalen Labor durch­geführt, erfolgt die Analyse in dem Labor, das im Leistungs­ver­zeich­nis genannt ist. In diesem Fall gilt der dort für die Untersuchung angegebene Preis.