Free light chains, type lambda (urine) (Urine (u))

Specimens: 10 ml Urine (u)

Spot morning urine or 10 ml of a thoroughly mixed 24 h urine collection without additive are suitable.

Method: Nephelometry
Dimension: mg/l
Set-up: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Duration: 4 days
  • Further diagnostics within the scope of a proven monoclonal gammopathy
  • Monoclonal gammopathy of unknown specificity (MGUS)
  • Bence Jones myeloma (BJP)
  • Non-secretory myeloma (NSM)
  • Light chain amyloidosis

Determination of free light chains in the serum is to be preferred to the determination of FLCs in urine, as free light chains are always detectable in serum first; Bence Jones proteinuria is a typical overflow proteinuria meaning that only when the threshold of tubular reabsorption has been exceeded, are the glomerular filtrated FLCs detectable in urine. If the free light chains in urine are requested, it is advisable to always carry out a determination in serum in parallel for the purpose of a comprehensive assessment.

Further tests:

Those tests shall be performed in serum NOT urine: immunofixation, quantitative immunoglobuline, free light chains (kappa, lambda), quantitätive and/or monoclonal IgA-,IgG- and IgM-HLC with corresponding ratio to evaluate the clonality. 

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